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Team England Selection 2017 Information

For your chance to become a Team England 2017 Finalist keep watching this page for the details!  

The Team England Selection will be held at The Grand Burstin Hotel, Folkestone with the date to be confirmed. There will be three rounds plus an opening round.


White Round

The opening round is a white round where all girls will need to wear a white dress of their choice. During this round the girls will receive their finalist sash and be introduced to the audience (please note girls are not judged on the opening round).


Club Wear Round

The second round is club wear (ideally club wear dress is short). This is your chance to have fun on stage and really show your personality.


Swimwear Round

The third round is swimwear; please make sure your swimsuit/bikini is red.


Evening Wear Round

The fourth round is evening wear, this round is your chance to wear your long evening gowns. During this round you will also do your speech. Your speech is just a short introduction about yourself; you can say whatever you like.


Once all the rounds are completed the judge’s scores will be tallied and the winning ten girls will be announced.




What happens if you are selected?


If you are selected as a member of the team you will be crowned and sashed on the night. You will then have a brief meeting with John Trickey who will inform you of what is expected of a Team England member.


During the year you will be invited to attend lots of different events and trips, there is a trip to Belgium and France every year as well as the chance to take part in Deal Carnival with several of the other teams where you will go through the town on an open top bus! There will also be a team photo shoot and several team dance rehearsals that are compulsory.


Preparation for the Grand Final starts right away. You will all meet up several times to learn the Team Dance choreography which you will perform on the Friday night of the final week. The Team Dance competition is a chance for all of you to work as a team and have a lot of fun, plus take home the Team Dance trophy!


All girls are expected to find their own outfits for each round in the final competition (please note your swimwear must be red). All of the Team England committee will be available throughout the whole year to help you as much as you need. You will also have coaching sessions with out pageant coaches Kerry Anne Vinson (Miss European 2013/2014) Maddie Wahdan (Team dance choreographer and English Princess 2013/2014).




The Final Week


The schedule of the final week changes every year but it usually goes a little something like this:


Monday- Arrive and get settled, maybe have a team dance rehearsal.


Tuesday- Relax in the day time and the have a meet and greet in the evening. For the last couple of years this has been a ‘white night’.


Wednesday and Thursday- There is normally a few trips and events that are organised as well as time for dance rehearsals and final show rehearsals.


Friday- This is TEAM DANCE DAY. Teams get a chance to practice their dances on the stage as well as having show rehearsals. The dance competition proceeds in the evening and the winners are announced that night.


Saturday- FINAL DAY! Show rehearsals all day and then the show in the evening.


Sunday- Farewell breakfast and then we travel home.


(Please note this schedule is only to give you an idea of what goes on and will not be the same as the final schedule for the final week.)



If you have any questions what so ever please enquire via email to or post on our Facebook page ‘Miss European Team England’.